Bihar Diet

In 1996 dr. Lajos Matolcsi have been started the Bihar’s Diet series by reason of let there be a kind of scientific-informative conference which is dealing with Bihar, the Bihar area, the pepole who live here and these issues are going to be shown by the research result of the different science branches.

The event which was dreamt by the founder is organized the session in 2011 november. The continuous value creationcan’t be demonstrated better than by the namelist of the organizers are changed but the desired purposes were not.

From 2007 the Bihar Museum and non-governmental organization as well as Parola Public Association are providing the organizational tasks together with other non-governmental organizations. In every two year organized sessions are ensuring that those Biharians who interested about their own residence, environment along with the region interested people can hear and read the newest, the latest research results from experts.

The future purpose of the Bihar Museum’s fellow workers and the contributory non-governmental organizations is that the Bihar Diet series should maintain as a store of value, value creation cultural, scientific forum which is fully helps to know our narrower country, region, settlements as well as provides publication for those researchers, experts whose main research field is Bihar’s past.

Bihar Diet I.

Bihar Diet II.

Bihar Diet III.

Bihar Diet IV.

Bihar Diet V.

Bihar Diet VI-VII.