The editorial of the starting set itself a bit naive purpose: the editorial would like to bring together on this website all of the exsisting scientific and scientific-informative datas for those who are dealing with Bihar, and Bihar county.

The task we can say is quasi unpredictable – cannot be estimated the greatness of the work we face.
Though we still trust in that with collaboration, cooperation we can start a data-rich information interface which is available to anyone.

The collaboration, cooperation nowadays – mainly on the field of science and culture – is indispensable and necessary. Becuse of the more narrowing financial space the public collections can only do their given jobs with vast effort. They’ve left very little chances to organizing science, announcing information, and accumulating their collections.

Our website can slightly help in this irresolvable situation by presenting as a permanent „newsletter” beside of those public collections which are dealing with Bihar.

The purpose of is to provide news about Bihar’s scientific life; the completed, published scientific and scientific-informative works. This site would like assemble the public collections’s separately existing databases which are in many cases don’t know about each other. It would harmonize the fine displayed bibliographies, and would make out an easily searchable „specialized library catalog” for public use.

By the help of electronic library section who, the literature can be accessible beyond the opening hours on both side of the border for those who are interested about Bihar even as a „room-scientist”.

According to our opinion the elictation, publication of scientific results related to our area, maybe the one of the most important questions. The Rálátás periodical launched by Dankó Imre pronaunced – unsaid has been published writings mainly related to the world of Sárrét.

With the restart of Rálátás we would like to salute to the nationnaly known ethnographer, Bihar-researcher by securing a continous chance to the new and newer works about Bihar came to light. The online form of the publication helps the fresh and up to date

The method of the edition helps the fresh and up to date publications, but of course the paper based publishing is also going to stay unbroken, preserving, continuing what Imre Dankó was bequeathed to us.

The job is just starting, that’s why we ask everybody who can to help the function of the website. We are waiting for every remark, offering, information which can help the development and efficiency of

Editorial committee members