Partium booklets

The Partium and Banat Conservationist and Memorial Comitte was founded in 1993, beside the Transylvanian Carpat Association Bihar County Division, under the auspices of the two bishoprics.

Homeland study print has been started in 14th April 1994 as Partium, as the Partium Gazette’s appendix. In 1997 a booklet series was started as Partium Booklets, to describe the local history, monuments, heritage of Partium and Banat.

From April 2007 the association has picked the Partium and Banat Conservationist and Memorial Association name as a separate legal personality and independent publisher.

The purpose of Partium booklets series is to cover up the huge white spots of local history research and to inform about monuments and protect them.

The editors bear in mind that those should compose the theme who are familiar with the villages and knowing from inside the region, living there, their labor of love to get knowledge about their own history, habits, and they were also collected these datas.

However has become a criteria the use of archival themes, as well as the oral history method. The another important purpose is that these issues should be buyable in the involved settlements too.

Geza Dukret is the editor of the series, Magdolna Mihálka is the reviser. From 1997 till nowadays 68 volumes were publicated within the book series of Partium booklets, along with ten volumes out of the series.