In three subchapter of this menu we would like to assemble and to sort by categories the curriculum vitaes and life paths of the – past, present and the future’s – Bihar researchers.

In the Our predecessors part we are continously publishing those onetime Bihar-researchers’s biographies who are worthily prouded by every reasearcher who is dealing with Bihar. We are trying to entirely look back till the 18-19. century to give a chance the interested to get introspection into the changes, development of the disciplines.

In the Today’s researchers subsection we would like to give a place for the presently active, operative, research work doing scientific experts whose Bihar research is an important element in their work.

In the Bihar’s homeland study submenu those people located who are not coming from the scientific field but they have been dealing with Bihar a lot and with their valueable and irreplaceable work they have helped the progression of awareness as well as the scientific awareness.

We ask our dear fellow researchers by click on the „Send Curriculum Vitae” title please fill out our data sheet in case you would like to sign up on our homepage.

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