On the occasion of Poet Imre Nagy of Sárrétudvari’s 120th birth anniversary, the Sárrétudvari Municipality and the Berettyó Cultural Centre-Bihari Museum released the poet’s newest book of poetry. The collection’s material is the ”checkered booklet”, which was donated to the museum by an enthusiastic literature lover family from Paks. As the poet’s daughter remembered this booklet was taken from his father by a bailiff in the ’30s. The found booklet contains poems that have not appeared yet in the previously published volumes, only in journals in the poet’s life. These poems are completed with the handwritten booklet content of Kaszacsengés (Scythe clang). Imre Nagy gave this book to Károly Sípos priest-poet. In this particular book the poet’s illustrations can be found as well. These pencil drawings can be found on the front page of the published volume and beside the poems. The poet gave the Wild flowers title of his collection built into a simple scool exercise book and this title refers to the theme of the poems as well.  Imre Nagy was considered himself as a poet of the poors. In his poems he wanted to be the chronicler of Bihar’s people and landscape. In his works emerges the life of a countryman and his community. The life of a countryman and his community emerge in his works.


The publication was edited by Gabriella Szémánné Veres literary museologist, fellow worker of the Bihari Museum.

The workmates of the museum can provide more information about the released volume.